Sunday April 20, 2014

Welcome to Partee Elementary School


Main Office:  770-982-6920        Earliest Drop Off for Students 8:20
Fax:  678-344-4400   Instruction Begins:  8:50
Clinic:  678-344-4406   Student Check-Out Ends:  3:00
Cafeteria:  678-344-4405   Dismissal:  3:50
Media Center:  678-344-4404    
Office Hours:  8:00 am-4:00 pm    

Georgia Family Friendly School Parent Survey

Parents, please take our survey.  If we are selected as having a friendly school environment, Dr. Barge, our state superintendent, will pay a visit to our school.

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HomeworkNow is Discontinued

Please follow the link to learn about Gwinnett's Initiative for MYeCLASS.

Gwinnett's Decision for Make-Up Snow Days

How Gwinnett will make up the snow days.

Partee Elementary time change effective Monday, March 3, 2014.  To make up the additional inclement weather days missed this year, 30 minutes will be added to each school day from March 3 - May 14, 2014.  Start time remains the same.  Partee Elementary dismissal time will be 3:50 pm beginning Monday, March 3.  The latest time to check out a student will be 3:00 pm.

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This Week's Events at Partee

Message from Dr. Rush, Principal

Message from Dr. Rush, Principal

Spring, 2014

Dear Partee Students and Parents,

We are almost to the end of third quarter of the 2013-2014 school year. We hope you have been able to keep your commitment of making this the best school year your child has ever had. Our staff has been outstanding, our students have been hard working, and parents have been very supportive. I would like to thank you – our Partee stakeholders - for the work you have done thus far and will do the remainder of the school year to help our students achieve at high levels.

As we continue to have high standards for our students, we continually raise the bar for our staff. We hold our teachers and support staff accountable for the quality of learning your child receives. We know the importance of providing a safe and secure atmosphere for your child that will allow him/her to thrive.

School recognition for the former school year is done by the state of Georgia and Gwinnett in the fall of the following school year. This year we received our recognition for the 2012-2013 school year. For the second year in a row, the state has recognized Partee Elementary as a High Progress School which means academically we rank in the top 10% of all Title I schools in Georgia. In addition, this year’s success included moving up in rank to #12 of 77 on the Gwinnett County Weighted School Assessment for elementary schools. Wow! Hard work definitely pays off!

Thank you for entrusting Partee Elementary for your child’s education. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you.


Dr. LaVern Lynch Rush

Proud Principal of Partee Elementary

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Parent Portal

Parent Portal

All parents are encouraged to sign up for the parent portal. You will have online access to your student's schedule, attendance, grades, discipline, and much more.

If you need to update your e-mail address for parent portal, you will need to fill out a new parent portal request form in the front office.  Due to the sensitive nature of the student information available through parent portal, we cannot make these changes by phone and ask for a valid photo ID.